The second strategic meeting of National Paints administration, and the first meeting of the Group's senior customers

The second strategic meeting of National Paints administration and the first meeting of the group's senior customers were held in Hurghada, Egypt Sunday to Tuesday, 10-12 Dec 2017, at the Steigenberger Al Dau Hotel. The meetings discussed National Paints Group's goals for the upcoming year and the achievements of last years. Attendees included all members of the Board of Directors at Sayegh Group, the Directors of central departments, National Paints Group companies, the sales and marketing departments of all the group's branches, and 80 clients from 25 countries.

On the first day, the meeting was opened over a dinner banquet for all invited guests. The event started with an opening speech by Mr. Emad Helwa, Commercial Director General of the National Group. Mr. Michael Sayegh, Chairman of the Board of Directors, called for starting the event, and delivered a welcoming speech. He expressed his pride and pleasure to have the National Paints' senior customers, sharing in the group's past and present achievements, as they are an integral part of its path.

On the morning of the second day, a meeting grouped senior management members, the Group's senior customers, sales and marketing managers, and part of the company's team. Mr. Sayegh opened the meeting by noting the importance of the event, and highlighting the Group members' constant efforts towards its development in participation with its esteemed clients. He also shed light on the staff's efforts to achieve the best performance possible and achieve the company's goals. Mr. Sayegh discussed Sayegh Group's history, and all its affiliated companies and investments, specifically National Paints. He stressed that the most notable achievement of the Sayegh family was the establishment of National Paints in 1969. The family has been working towards improving National Paints for years employing effort and perseverance, and eventually making it National Paints Holding 2 years ago.

Two documentary films were presented, one on the Sayegh Group, which chronicled the family's long-standing assets, their professional history, their most important achievements, and a glimpse of their personal lives. The other documentary discussed National Paints Group as Sayegh family's most important achievement. The film explained the stages of establishing the company since its inception as a small warehouse until having over 15 factories in different countries of the world, and expanding it in more than 100 countries thanks to its agents.

Afterwards, Mr. Ibrahim Sayegh, Vice President of the Group, welcomed the attendees. He stressed that Sayegh family's efforts would not have successfully developed National Paints Company without the cooperation and participation of the team and customers in the stages of building and developing the company over the past decades to achieve the desired success.

Mr. Samer Sayegh, CEO of National Paints Group, welcomed the attendees. He noted that the effort of all attendees, be it the company's customers or employees, is the main reason behind the success and expansion of National Paints today.

Mr. Fa’eq Sayegh, CEO of Sayegh Group, concluded the opening remarks by welcoming the attendees. He commended the active role of the company's employees and the contribution of its valued customers in the company's success and achievement of its objectives, especially in the midst of competition in the paint markets around the world. Engineer Fa’eq Sayegh gave a presentation showcasing National Paints Group's social responsibility programs in all countries. These programs are based on the group's belief in its role in building and developing societies.

The allotted pavilion was then opened to showcase all the company's products so that its customers can learn about the wide range of paints produced by National Paints. The products included automotive paints, wood paints, powder, ship paints, epoxy flooring, stadium paints, decorative paints ... Etc. The company's competent team received inquiries from customers in all fields and responded to them.


At the end of the meeting, the Board of Directors honored the company's oldest customers by distributing commemorative plaques to them, based on the number of years they had dealt with the company. The golden plaque is presented to companies that have been the group's clients for over 25 years, the silver plaque is awarded to those who have been clients for over 15 years, and the bronze plaque is awarded to those who have been clients for over 10 years. Mr. Michael Sayegh delivered closing remarks to conclude the meeting.

In the evening, an Egyptian-style dance party was held with the attendance of all guests.

On the morning of the third day, all attendees were invited to a cruise and lunch on Orange Bay Island in the Red Sea. During this activity, Mr. Emad Helwa delivered a closing speech, thus concluding the second strategic meeting of National Paints administration and the first meeting of the group's senior customers.