Book-shelving System

·         Book-shelving System is a fascinating Taqaddom design that is manufactured with total flexibility according to customer’s needs. It is subject to a quality management system meeting the technical and engineering requirements and International specifications.

·         All our metal products are painted with Electrostatic Powder Coating (EPOXY) using a special automatic painting system; this has curing and stoving ovens after 4 stages of cleaning by special chemical materials, hot water, Phosphate and DI water.

·         Taqaddom Book-shelving System has been widely utilized by many Palestinian companies, libraries and bookstores, totally fulfilling their book-keeping and sorting needs.

·         Main applications include: books, magazines, paper and carton, and some pharmaceuticals.

·         This system is an ideal solution for light-duty storage capacity and its advantages are:

                      More selectivity: stores different products on each level

                      More capacity: significantly increases shelf density

                        Total Flexibility: each middle shelf is independent from others

                      Fast operation: goods are accessed from aisle

                      Lower Costs: no lost travel time entering racks

                      Efficiency: optimum visibility and accessibility

·         Book-Shelf Ladders are provided with adjustable feet to balance it firmly on the floor.

o    Made of 2 Uprights welded with each other by 20/20 profiles

o    Each upright has perforations every 18 mm to give extra flexibility

o    Material: 50x25 mm profiles, thickness 1.5 mm.

·         Shelves are provided with triple side bends to guarantee safety and work efficiency.

·         Shelves are made of CR metal sheets, 1 mm thick, provided with reinforcement metal bar(s) welded in the middle of the shelf by automatic “Spot Welding” machines.

·         Top and bottom shelves are connected to ladders with ¼” screws and nuts.

·         Middle Shelves are quite flexibly installed using 4 hangers (2 mm thick) for each shelf, making it firmly, quickly and easily installed.

·         Shelves can be decorated with a front edge for labelling and sorting, or can have perforations according to customer’s desire.

·         Each shelf can carry up to 100 kg of distributed weight.

·         In order to stop books and files from skidding, an (W)-shaped book divider is provided, which is made of steel bars 16/4 mm, with 4 plastic wheels.

·         The (W) book divider can be adjusted freely in the bottom side of the shelf.

·         Full engineering and CAD/CAM simulation design support.