Truck Scales 18m

Capacity : 100 Ton
Resolution : 10 kg
Stainless Steel Indicator (Water-Proof)
Equipped with RS-232C for PC connection.
Green Neat Backlight Display  (6 cm High)
Battery powered = 220 hours Plus
Reliable Electronic Boards
Fully Programmable via Embedded Software
PC Interfacing Software “Weighing Management” for making all weighing processes easy.
Complete Database for Trucks numbers, customers, suppliers, carried material, printing, statistics, etc.
Platter size = 18 meters x 3 meters
Robust Design; constructed from metal frame made of U200, with main IP-400 beams, carefully reinforced with metal rods

Easily Maintainable, and Serviceable design
6 Compression Stainless Steel Load-Cell 40 Ton each, 150 % Safety, Water-Proof IP-68
All the scale is designed to be sustainable against Lightning problems.